Update (as of 6/3/2024)

Thank you for your interest in our farm!

The process is still ongoing.  We are now going through the auditing process for the GACP certificate.  It is a lengthy process, especially for outdoor-grown-cannabis farms like ours. We regret any inconvenience caused by the delay, but ensuring these prerequisites are in order is essential for meeting the demands of our international customers & partners. Keep an eye on our social media channels (linked below) for updates on our live logging schedule.

Shoutout to Roger and his team over at Puffco for documenting our farm in this video:


Any further enquiries? Email us at:  info@epthaistick.com / anupong@epthaistick.com

If you're interested in Partnering with us; or, you're an investor looking to invest in our farm, then please send us your email and we'll get back to you promptly.